How Our Process Works

We have a three step process for ordering Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs):

1) Select the NFTs you wish to purchase and go to the bag checkout.  

2) Send ADA to the address specified in the checkout process.  Please copy the exact address, and send the exact amount of ADA, using your Yoroi or Daedalus wallet. During checkout, include a return ADA address in the comments section.  This return address should be from the wallet you use to submit payment.   We will send the tokens to this address.  

3) You will receive the NFT as soon as possible.  Custom minted NFTs will take about 24 hours.  You can check transaction history and metadata in cardanoscan or use to visualize your transaction.

Our NFTs are certified by the Berch Pool Oracle.  Links to the certification can be found in the NFT details.

Once you own the NFT you can find many places to sell and trade your NFTs at CNFTHUB

About Us

We are ADA fans. Our mission is to help grow the adoption of ADA by building real world use cases. That is why we started the ADA Mint House. We want to make NFTs accessible for the Cardano community.

Our NFT's are unique.  We use a minting policy that cannot be altered and time-stamped metadata that is created on the Cardano blockchain.  

Details of each property are stored in the metadata on the blockchain.  The digital image file is stored on IPFS. Using the IPFS CID to keep each file immutable and retrievable forever.  If you are custom minting tokens you must be the rightful owner of the digital media you are minting.  We reserve the right not allow minting if proof of ownership is not produced.